Lower Blood Pressure with Cannabis and WFPB diet

It’s interesting to know that cannabis use can reduce blood pressure. This along with a WFPB (whole food plant based) diet normalizes blood pressure even more.

Cannabis therapy is not my only interest in improving health. Over time, looking to be healthier, Mrs. Weatherstaff and I have weaned ourselves of meat, chicken and fish, not for any particular moral or earth saving reason, mostly just that our tastes have changed.

However, as we move to this more ¨whole food plant based¨ (WFPB) diet, I started to dig a little deeper and find that many modern serious ailments seemed to be caused by a lack of fiber and a high degree of saturated fats and further are cured by a decrease in animal fats in the diet and an increase in fiber by eating mostly fruits, vegetables, all manner of whole grains and legumes.

We searched out the science translated into cookbooks and found these two excellent resources in case that is of interest:

Fiber Fueled Cookbook – Will ´Bulsiewics, MD (2022)
How Not to Die Cookbook – Michael Greger, MD (2017), and possibly the better book

As I am near 75 and had one incidence of cancer, I figure I have nothing to lose by seeing what happens with this change.

In Dr. Greger´s book he points statistically to 14 health risks that are reversed through the WFPB way of eating and to high blood pressure as ¨the number one factor for death and disability worldwide¨

Interestingly, the research on CBD cannabis by Dr. Ethan Russo supports the feedback we have received from two of our clients that taking CBD dominant cannabis extracts have normalized their blood pressure as a byproduct of taking the herbal for other reasons.

Two clients reported about their experience of taking CBD cannabis extract:

Research Scientist: ¨How has my life improved? Good sleep, and far less anxiety, to start with. But nothing short of miraculous, in my opinion, is the impact on my blood pressure which now averages 130/70. I’ve dropped two of three pharmaceutical medications taken for hypertension, and am down to just one.¨

Excavator operator: “My experience has been a bit of a surprise. A good friend recommended I try the 20 mg (CBD rich) capsules to help with sleep and my overall health. I started with a week’s trial and did notice I slept pretty much through the night. There were no side effects that I noticed and I felt pretty good. When I increased the dose to two capsules, the biggest surprise was my blood pressure. I have been dealing with pre hypertension and sometimes hypertension for several years. My blood pressure is now slightly above normal and I’ve had readings below normal as well.”

Well, my thinking is ¨Why not do both? Cannabis therapy and health improve diet and lifestyle?¨


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